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Air conditioner should be in top-notch condition so that occupants will benefit from good air quality. It is recommended to do servicing at least bi-monthly or quarterly even if there is no sign of damage.


We offer annual contract and ad-hoc aircon servicing.


Engineer Examining Air Conditioner

Problems in
air-conditioning systems


Dust and dirt accumulated in the filters and coils can lead to obstruction of airflow and overheating which can cause damage to other components


Excessive reduction in cooling efficiency and function over time


Increase in power consumption leading to higher utilities cost


Bad air quality affecting respiratory wellness and general health

Benefits of Regular Aircon Servicing

  • Lower power consumption and repair costs 

  • Reduce probability of breakdowns

  • Longer equipment life span

  • Improve air quality and health 

Person Using AC Remote Control

Servicing Protocols

Standard Servicing

  • Cleaning and checking of filters and front panel cover

  • Checking of bio-pure/deodorizing filter

  • Cleaning and brushing blower wheel

  • Cleaning and checking evaporator coil

  • Flushing of the drainage system

  • Brushing and checking of outdoor condenser coil

  • Checking of all settings

  • Checking of the refrigerant system

Chemical Servicing

  • Check compressor suction and discharge pressure

  • Chemical cleaning condenser coil

  • Chemical clean indoor cooling coil

  • Chemical clean aircon filter & cover

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