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White Wedding Altar


Before, during and after an event, it is necessary that the premise is in tip top condition for a delightful experience. Our professional and experienced teams are dedicated to provide prompt and detailed cleaning services for all occasions such as:

  • Trade shows

  • Corporate events

  • Wedding

  • Parties

  • Concerts and more...

Music Performer
Sanitizing Surfaces

Services we provide but are not limited to:

  • Spot cleaning, proper cleaning and dusting of surface areas

  • Flooring cleaning vacuum, mop to ensure cleanliness of the area

  • Cleaning and maintenance of washrooms before and while event is ongoing

  • Setting up disposal points and clearing of all litter and rubbish during and after event

  • Chair stacking

  • Décor removal

  • Cleaning and disinfecting both food preparation and serving areas

  • Wiping of tables and chairs

Additional services such as carpet shampooing and floor scrubbing to remove tough stains upon request.

Event Cleaning
Event Cleaners
Event Cleaning Garden by the Bay
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