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Nanoel 365

  • Once NanoEL AB is applied, do we have to wash the surface or disinfect it occasionally?"
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.After coating with NanoEL AB Surface Solution 365 the surface will become slightly hydrophobic. This means that water & dust repels from the surface easily. However, in daily use it is necessary to clean the coated surface with water or regular detergents (pH 4 – pH 10.5 can also be used).
  • Are there any health risks if the product is inhaled during the application process?
    Our spray bottles produce big particles that will not lead to inhalation problems.
  • Do we need to wear gloves during the application?
    NanoEL AB formula is water-based; therefore, it is not harmful to the human skin. However, NanoEL AB is a chemical product, therefore we recommend using gloves (especially if you have sensitive skin).
  • Is there any type of surface that is not convenient to coat with NanoEL AB?
    It is recommended to contact us if you are having doubts regarding coating a concrete surface. Some concrete surfaces have a large porous structure. In that case, we recommend a special pretreatment before coating the surface.
  • How to apply NanoEL AB Products?
    NanoEL AB Surface Solution 365 1) Clean and pretreat the surface with NanoEL AB Primer: Spray the surface 2-3 times (2 x spray for A4 size surface). Smoothly wipe the surface with a non–fuzzing tissue, until the liquid is dry (just a few seconds). 2) Coating with NanoEL AB Pro: Spray the surface 2 times with NanoEL AB Pro (2 x spray for A4 size surface). Gently wipe the cleaned surface until the liquid is dry (just a few seconds). 3) Please do not touch the coated surface during curing time. Activation of antimicrobial and antivirus effect starts after 30 min (we recommend 6 hours curing time for best results & long-lasting effect). # Textile Solution 10 1) Spray NanoEL AB Textile 10 on a soft surface that you want to coat (like clothes, carpet, floor mat, car mat, textile, linen of bed, and many more). 2) Please do not touch until the coated surface is dry. Wait approximately 30 min depending on the textile thickness until the coated fiber remain dry (you can decrease the drying time by household hairdryer) (we recommend 6 hours curing time for best results).
  • What are the advantages of the NanoEL AB Products?
    • NanoEL AB is easy to apply. • NanoEL AB Surface Solution 365 comes in a set of two spray bottles, tissue and gloves are also included. The application time only takes 5 minutes. NanoEL AB Textile Solution 10 comes in a spray bottle. Fast application and quick drying. Strong disinfecting properties against: – Bacteria (e.g. Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhosa) – Virus (e.g. Influenza A Virus (H1N1), SARS-CoronaV) – Fungi • NanoEL AB is a multifunctional coating. • The surface application areas are unlimited. The coating thickness is very thin: only 150-300 nm, so it doesn’t change the surface appearance or its properties. • Cost reduction and time-saving technology since the coating must only be applied once. • Long-lasting and effective formula – for at least one year. (NanoEL AB Surface Solution) • Environmentally friendly and halogen-free technology (free of fluorine, PBT/vPvB- & SVHC substances). • NanoEL AB is not hazardous to the human skin and body. The dermatological test graded our product with “Excellent” and the food contact test meets the requirements for “Food Articles and Material” of the EU commission. • The coating is invisible and does not affect the original surface color. • It is available for both the private consumer application as well as for the industrial sector. NanoEL AB prevents the development of odor (caused by microbes).
  • Does NanoEL AB increase the hardness of the coated surface?
    Fully cured surfaces with the NanoEL AB coating can get an increase of +3H in hardness compared to the before coating state. Additionally, our coating technology provides a slight non-sticking effect which prevents the surface from micro-scratches.
  • What are some disadvantages of our product?
    The coating itself is invisible and long-lasting. We would like to see this as an advantage, but of course some might see this as a disadvantage.
  • Do the surfaces have to be completely dry before coating?
    Before applying NanoEL AB Surface Solution 365 it is essential that the surface is completely dry and clean.
  • Why do I sometimes see white spots after coating on the hard surface like glass and plastic?
    This is due to the excess liquid on the surface. In this case, remove the white spots by rubbing with a dry wipe. With this procedure you create a more stable coating layer.
  • Can we use NanoEL AB in areas where we the surface has food contact?
    Regarding kitchen utensils, we do not recommend coating a surface which has direct contact with food. This means that if you have a cup, it can be coated from the outside, but we do not recommend coating inside of the cup. Same with a knife, you can coat the knife handle, but we don't recommend applying the coating on the blade.
  • What size of a surface can I coat with NanoEL AB Surface Solution 365?
    20mL of NanoEL Surface Solution 365 can coat a surface up to 6m2: • 6 m2 are 200 mobile phones display • 6 m2 are 400 doorknobs • 6 m2 are 80 computer screens (15,6”) • 6 m2 is the size of the loading area of a Mercedes Sprinter • 6 m2 are 96 pieces of paper (A4, please do not coat paper, it is just an example) • 6 m2 is one and a half size of a table tennis table
  • How exactly does NanoEL work on the bacteria and virus?
    The coating creates a thin invisible layer on the surface that has positively charged properties. The positively charged layer attracts the negative charged bacteria or virus and punctures the cell membranes. This leads to cell death. The non-sticking effect of NanoEL AB partly removes the inactivated virus or bacteria.
  • How long does the coating last?
    Our coating is very long-lasting. That said, we have tested & can assure that our NanoEL AB Surface Solution 365 lasts for one year. For NanoEL AB Textile Solution 10, lasts up to 10 washing cycles.
  • Is there any type of surface which is not convenient to coat with NanoEL?
    It is recommended to contact us if you are having doubts regarding coating a concrete surface. Concrete surface can have a big porous structure. In that case, we recommend a certain pretreatment before coating the surface.
  • What is the disinfectant efficiency of NanoEL AB series?
    Through the nano-coating, we inactivate 99.8% of viruses and 99.9999% of bacteria. A 100% disinfectant effect is not known until now.
  • How can I prove the existence of the coating?
    The test ink can be used for identifying and proving the existence of the coated surface. The ink is nontoxic. Please be aware that once a droplet of the ink is applied on the surface, it cannot be removed or washed out. Furthermore, the inked spot does not have any antimicrobial effect.
  • Has NanoEL AB being tested in a laboratory?
    Yes. NanoEL AB has been proven to eliminate the Sars-Coronavirus and Influenza-A1-H1N1 effectively in specialized Laboratories in Germany. Besides, NanoEL AB passed the dermatological test with "Excellent" and the food contact test meets the requirements for “Food Articles and Materials” of the EU commission.
  • Does NanoEL AB destroy Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19)?
    We do not have a test report for Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19) yet but we have tested the activity of NanoEL AB on the Sars-CoV-1 and Influenza-A1-H1N1. Besides close contact from person to person, it is possible to get contaminated by hand to surface to hand transfer. Here our coating decreases the infection source by protecting the surface of the activity of microbes. NanoEL AB creates physical protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi, including the Influenza A1 virus and the Sars-CoV-1. Both Sars-CoV-1 and Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19) are coronaviruses. The virus that causes SARS is known as SARS-CoV-1, whilst the virus that causes COVID-19 is known as SARS-CoV-2. According to health experts, the COVID-19 virus is almost genetically identical to the SARS virus (TGEV virus is the standard virus for testing and evaluation of SARS-Corona). Both viruses have structural similarity, transmission, and other related properties, therefore it is expected that both act in a similar way.
  • Have we tested the stability of the coating for stored water (water tanks)?
    Yes. After the coating is fully cured, there is no migration of any chemicals into the water. We want to remind you that our coating does not have any leaching effect.
  • Is NanoEL AB resilient under acidic, alkaline, or high-temperature environment?"
    The base material is inorganic therefore it has a high resistance and stability towards chemical impact. The heat resistance is up to 150 °C.
  • Are there any chemicals that can remove NanoEL AB like chemicals used to buff a floor?
    Strong acid or strong alkaline detergent should be avoided. Most of the inhouse detergents are allowed, up to pH 10.5.
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